Conferences and congresses


Port traffic evolution under crisis : the cas of North Korea, 2009, 7th Inha-Le Havre International Conference, Impact of the Recent Financial Crisis on Trade, FDI and Logistics, Le Havre, October 15-16 (with Cesar Ducruet).


Inter-Korean maritime connection and new regional dynamics around the Korean peninsula, 2008, International Conference on North/South Interfaces on the Korean peninsula, EHESS, Paris, December 17-19 (with Cesar Ducruet).


Geopolitics of shipping networks: the case of North Korea’s martime connections, 2008, Sustainability in International Shipping, Port and Logistics Industries and the China Factor, International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME), Dalian, China, April 2-4 (with Cesar Ducruet and Jo Jin Cheol).


Work relationship between French and Korean people, 2007, Aju University, French language Department, Suwon, Republic of Korea, November 28.

The changing relations between hinterland and foreland at North Korean ports (1985-2006), 6th INHA & Le Havre International Conference, INHA University, Incheon, Republic of Korea, October 10-11 (with Cesar Ducruet).

Inter-Korean maritime linkages: economic integration vs. hub dependence, 2007, 15th European Conference on Theorical and Quantitative Geography, Montreux, Switzerland, September 7-11, pp. 133-139 [ISBN 978-2-940368-05-1] (with Cesar Ducruet).

The Nampo-Pyongyang corridor: a strategic area for European investment in DPRK, 2007, Recent Changes in North Korea and the Role of the European Union, Institute of Unification Studies & Hans Seidel Foundation, Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of Korea, June 1 (with Cesar Ducruet).

Doing business in DPRK for the European companies: the logistic issue, 2007, Seogang University, Seoul, Republic of Korea, May 26.

Logistic perspectives in DPRK, 2006, Annual Fall Meeting of the Korean Society of Coastal and Ocean Engineers, Seoul, Republic of Korea, September 15-16 (with Cesar Ducruet).

Doing business in DPRK? , 2005, North Korean Forum (북한포럼) animated by the Korea Research Institute for Human Settlement (KRIHS), November 16 (with Philippe de Chabaud Latour).

How do the General Trading Companies parallel with the Korean international trade? A quantitative geographical study among the main Korean traders commercial network, 2003, 4th INHA & Le Havre International Conference, Inha University, Incheon, Republic of Korea, October 5-7.

Consequences of Internet on the French Skill International Trade Operators, 2001, IRCI (Research institute on the International trade), Louis Dreyfus Co head office, Paris, France, March 21 (in French).

Peer-reviewed publications

Political and Economic factors in theP evolution of North Korea’s maritime connections, 2009, Journal of International Trade and Logistics, 7(1): 1-23 (with Cesar Ducruet and Jin-Cheol Jo).


Going West? Spatial polarization of the North Korean port system, 2008, Journal of Transport Geography (with Cesar Ducruet and Jin-Cheol Jo).


The maritime connections of North Korea: territorial change on the peninsula and new regional dynamics in Northeast Asia, 2008, L’Espace Géographique, 3 (in French, with Cesar Ducruet and Valerie Gelezeau).  

The North Korean archipelago: economic transition and territorial blockages,  2007, Mappemonde, 87 (in French with Cesar Ducruet).

Other papers

Local strengh, global wekness : a maritime network perspective on South Korea as Northeast Asia’s logistics hub, 2009, Korea Maritime Institute (KMI) International Journal of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, 1(1): 32-50 (with Cesar Ducruet and Lee Sung-Woo).


North Korea: towards the opening of seaports, 2007, Journal de la Marine Marchande, 4566, June 22, pp. 6-9 (in French with Cesar Ducruet).


The Spatial Integration of French Territory in the World Trade. A quantitative geographical study of the spatial strategy of Skill International Trade Operators in France, 2003, Kyungsang Nonchong, Volume 17, No. 2, The Institute of Business and Economic Research, INHA University, Incheon, Republic of Korea.


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